Interested in representing USGE at the World Social Forum?

The World Social Forum (WSF) is a global movement of individuals and organizations committed to advancing social and economic justice. This year’s forum will be hosted in Montreal from August 9 – 14, and will feature dynamic national and regional organizations within, and outside, the Labour Movement. 

USGE is offering the opportunity for selected members to represent USGE at the Forum. 

Representatives will be selected based upon their present, or planned, level of community, and labour movement, activity. Individuals will be expected to submit a report detailing their experiences at the Forum and how these will benefit their work with USGE. 

Please find below, the guidelines to qualify for assistance.

All applicants will require the support of the National Office and their Regional Vice President.

All participants receiving funds from USGE for the purpose of attending the Forum will be required to provide a written report to the National Office by September 15, 2016. Failure to provide this report will result in no additional funds being approved over the travel advance provided. The report must include the events/workshops/lectures the participant attended, an assessment of how participation in these events will benefit USGE, and an opinion on the value of future USGE participation in such events. Some reports may be used as articles on the USGE National Website. 

Financial assistance is available for the following expenses, with receipts being required in most instances:

  • Registration
  • Accommodation – double occupancy
  • Transportation – As per USGE regulations. Air travel for selected representatives must be booked through WE Travel. 
  • Daily per Diem – $118.00 
  • Up to two days of lost wages – proof of “Leave Without Pay” is required

Further details will be provided post selection. 

The Deadline for applicants is end of day, Friday June 10, 2016. Successful applicants will be notified by June 17. All air travel must be booked with WE Travel no later than June 30.

Applications must include the prospective participant’s name, where they will be traveling from, USGE local name and number, offices held within the local, union, and community participation, dates prospective participant would like to attend the WSF, and a 100-150 word essay on their reasons for wanting to attend and how their participation will benefit USGE. If you would like to represent USGE at the WSF, please send the answers to the above questions to Chantal Prud’homme at by the end of the day on Friday June 10, 2016. Please include the words World Social Forum in the title of your email.