Local Union Leader Joe Brathwaite attends Ottawa’s Prestigious Black History Gala 

Ottawa’s annual Black History Gala is an opportunity to mark Black History month in Canada and attracts a broad array of high-profile attendees from business, government and academia. 

USJE was honoured to have local union leader Joe Brathwaite attend on its behalf and represent its diverse memberships.  

Many Members of Parliament make the annual Gala a priority, including Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Pam Damoff, and the Hon. Kamal Khera, the federal Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Persons with Disabilities. Both MPs have previously served on the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security.

Minister Khera is also the MP for Brampton – West in Ontario and highlighted her familiarity with the Union of Safety and Justice Employee, including USJE’s current efforts to make key changes to the federal Government Employees Compensation Act.   

These changes would close a close a key gap in federal legislation so that federal public safety personnel have access to Worker’s Compensation for mental health related injuries, just like first responders in most provinces and territories.   

Mr. Brathwaite also spoke with Minister Khera about USJE’s first ever National Equity conference which will now become a triennial event. Last but not least, Mr. Brathwaite was introduced to Treasury Board President – the Hon. Anita Anand. Minister Anand indicated a willingness to meet with USJE representatives for a general labour relations discussion. Ms. Anand replaced Mona Fortier in the role this past July. Prior to this appointment, she served as Canada’s Minister of Defense. 

USJE would like to extend its thanks to Mr. Brathwaite for proudly representing our membership at this prestigious event, and for creating the opportunity to strengthen some key relationships with USJE’s National and regional leaders.