Member Nicole Akhenak discusses Presumptive Injury concerns with Edmonton MLA

USJE member Nicole Akhenak from Edmonton met with MLA Kaycee Madu on September 10, during a meet and greet at a community park. Nicole, who is vice-president of Local 30125, came prepared to advocate for our members as she approached the conservative MLA with a copy of the Presumptive Injury report for him to review. Nicole had the chance to remind the elected official that provincial legislation is too restrictive and fails to cover many of our USJE members. The former minister of justice of Alberta showed great interest. 

As our members know, the UCP government in Alberta is considering terminating the province’s contract with the RCMP and establishing a provincial police force. USJE has joined its voice to that of several other organizations in rejecting this project, as the Albertan government has not provided any job guarantee for our members in this future police force. Nicole tested Kaycee Madu on the topic but the MLA toed the UCP line.

The Presumptive injury report is available on the campaign website. We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with its recommendations. If you should attend a political rally or event in your home province, please do not hesitate to follow Nicole’s example. Let your elected representatives know that our members work hard to keep Canadians safe and that they need support and protection in return.

Thank you, Nicole!