Members elect David Neufeld as National President, Lynette Robinson as National Vice-President and a new National Executive

Day 3 of Convention included a series of National and Regional elections, with delegates electing David Neufeld as the new USJE National President and Lynette Robinson as National Vice-President. 17 Regional caucuses also elected their respective Regional Vice Presidents who comprise the new USJE National Executive.

New USJE National President David Neufeld who served previously as National-Vice-President for 7 years and Regional Vice President for 14 years for CSC Community and Parole Board of Canada (West) received a strong mandate from delegates.

During his campaign, David committed that, if elected, USJE would:

  • demand that all departments work collaboratively with USJE to define the new normal and future working conditions.
  • develop a robust campaign strategy to engage provincial and federal politicians on changing legislation to include USJE members for presumptive injury compensation.
  • implement a communication strategy that will modernize & enhance interactions, sharing and transparency between USJE National Office, RVP’s, local executives and members at large.

Once the new National President was declared, delegates convened in their regional caucuses to vote for their respective Regional Vice Presidents (and alternates), as well as select their delegates (and alternates) to the PSAC National Convention. The new caucus for Quebec RCMP–Justice–PPSC–CSC Community–PBC met officially for the first time and elected Regional Vice President Andréanne Samson. For a list of all RVPs and alternates, please see below. 

Presiding over the elections were PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP) Quebec Yvon Barriere and PSAC REVP North Lorraine Rousseau, both long-time USJE members. Both spoke to their pride of being USJE members and to the work for USJE and PSAC to accomplish together.

After the elections concluded, Lorraine, who lives and works on the land of the Carcross/ Tagish Nation, spoke powerfully about how settler Canadians must confront the legacy of violence and trauma from seven generations of residential schools – as it is the only way to lead to true reconciliation. She urged USJE and all its members to lift up the recently established National Equity Committee and support them do their important work to create fair and equitable spaces for everyone.

In the afternoon, four of our Union members were awarded USJE Honourary Memberships in recognition of their service to the USJE membership.

  • Jan Hauck received an Honourary Membership for her long service to the organization. The award was presented by Paul Blais, the previous RVP National Capital Region (NCR), RCMP.  Paul spoke to what a tremendous mentor and RVP Jan was – always working for her members. 
  • Debbie Stangrecki, the former RVP Alberta, NWT & Nunavut, RCMP–Justice–PPSC, was recognized for her decades of tremendous work for USJE members in a speech by Valda Behrens, RVP for the same region, who, in a moment of levity, presented her with a Princess crown, and an Honourary Membership.
  • Dawn Staruiala was recognized for her many years of work at Local 40008, Regina RCMP with an Honourary Membership. Jackie Oswald, the previous RVP Saskatchewan & Manitoba CSC, spoke about Dawn’s role in blazing a trail for members as the first USJE member representing RCMP members on a PSAC Bargaining Team.
  • JP Surette, RVP NCR, gave a tribute to his predecessor and mentor Danielle Belleau, who was granted Honourary Membership posthumously. Danelle’s sister Nathalie Belleau accepted the award and spoke movingly to Convention about how Danielle, who passed away in February, was both a tremendous human being and a remarkably dedicated union activist.

Dr. Rose Ricciardelli, Professor at Memorial University, updated Convention delegates on research that USJE has commissioned as part of a deeper dive into the risks of Operational Stress Injuries (OSIs) amongst Detachment Service Assistants (DSA) in the RCMP and Parole Officers.  USJE expects to extend this research beyond these occupational groups and examine the effects of OSIs on more facets of USJE’s membership. Rose’s team has already finished their field research and conducted a preliminary data analysis. They hope to release their report to USJE by the end of the year.

Convention delegates then left to prepare for an evening of celebration and relaxation at a gala reception with dinner and a Newfoundland kitchen party band.

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Congratulations to these new and returning Regional Vice-Presidents and alternates:

CSC Community/ PBC (West)

Jeff Sandelli              Regional Vice-President

Mike Reeves             1st Alternate

Morgan Haupt          2nd Alternate

CSC Community/ PBC (Ontario & Atlantic region)

Carol Osborne                      Regional Vice-President

JR Legault                             1st Alternate

Ora Jean                               2nd Alternate

British Columbia, CSC

Kirsty Havard                        Regional Vice-President

Alan Otrisina                         1st Alternate

Laura Wildly                          2nd Alternate

British Columbia & Yukon, RCMP–Justice–PPSC

Nicole Gibson                       Regional Vice-President

Zoe Johnston                       1st Alternate

LeAnn Wheeler                    2nd Alternate

Alberta, CSC

Zef Ordman                           Regional Vice President

Ashley Petryshen                1st Alternate

Audrey Parker Brown          2nd Alternate

Alberta, NWT & Nunavut, RCMP–Justice–PPSC

Valda Behrens                     Regional Vice-President

Samuel Bourget                   1st Alternate

Karen Hess                           2nd Alternate

Saskatchewan, CSC

Shauna Ward                       Regional Vice-President

Tonya Missens                     1st Alternate

Brenda Schreiner                2nd Alternate

Manitoba, CSC

Frank Janz                            Regional Vice-President

Nestor Galarnyk                   1st Alternate

Tom Lanctot                 2nd Alternate

Saskatchewan & Manitoba, RCMP–Justice–PPSC

Heather McKinnon              Regional Vice-President

Kirsty McDougall                  1st Alternate

Ryan Forsberg                      2nd Alternate

Ontario, CSC

Bill Bailey                              Regional Vice-President

Kyle Grace                            1st Alternate

Jaclynn Rhodes                   2nd Alternate

Ontario, RCMP–Justice–PPSC–CSIS

Bella Skalin                           Regional Vice-President

Kathy Samuel                       1st Alternate

Geovanna Santamaria        2nd Alternate

National Capital Region (NCR)

Jean-Paul Surette                Regional Vice-President

Jena Russell                         1st Alternate

David Breault                2nd Alternate

National Capital Region (NCR), RCMP

Sonia O’Brien-Colterman   Regional Vice-President

Cristina Machado                 1st Alternate

Thomas Clapham                2nd Alternate

Quebec, CSC

Patrick Ménard                     Regional Vice-President

Réal Tessier                          1st Alternate

Alain Chartrand                    2nd Alternate

Quebec, RCMP–Justice–PPSC–CSC Community–PBC

Andréanne Samson             Regional Vice-President

Sandy Berthelotte                1st Alternate

Paul Daigle                           2nd Alternate

Atlantic, CSC

Laurie-Ann Wesselby         Regional Vice-President

Heather Reid                        1st Alternate

Nathalie Minsta                    2nd Alternate

Atlantic, RCMP–Justice–PPSC

Lynette Robinson                Regional Vice-President (& National Vice President)

Dana Colley-Provo              1st Alternate

Julia Somers                         2nd Alternate