National Health and Safety Committee announces new members

National President David Neufeld, USJE’s National Health and Safety Advisory Committee chair RVP Kirsty Havard, and co-chair RVP Jeff Sandelli, reviewed the numerous applications from USJE members across Canada who expressed an interest in sitting on the Committee. 

This remarkable show of enthusiasm from Coast to Coast to Coast is proof of the paramount importance of all matters of health and safety to our USJE members. The selection process was rendered particularly difficult on account of the high quality of the applications.

Two positions on the committee needed to be filled due to some long-standing vacancies. There was also a need to select seven alternates so that the committee can remain fully active and responsive throughout the mandate for the benefit of the entire membership.

Ultimately, the National President, in consultation with the chair and co-chair of the committee, selected Tyler Monteith (RCMP, Prairies) and Ian Reodica (RCMP, Ontario) as the new members of the Health and Safety committee.  Congratulations to both Tyler and Ian for their appointments to the committee!

The Committee consists of the following members:

Chair: RVP Kirsty Havard, CSC, Pacific
Co-Chair: RVP Jeff Sandelli, CSC, Prairies
Tyler Monteith, RCMP, Prairies
Ian Reodica, RCMP, Ontario
Heather Reid, CSC, Atlantic
Una Gair, CSC, Pacific
Kathy Samuel, PPSC, Ontario
Sandy Berthelotte, PBC Quebec
JR Legault, CSC, Ontario

The following applicants were also identified as alternates to the current committee members:

Caroline Morais-Gregan, RCMP, Atlantic
Brigitte Wilman, RCMP, Pacific
Alex Creamer, CSC, Prairies
Fadia Sakha, RCMP, Quebec
Gordon Marshal, OIC, Ontario
Nicholas Pawlak, CSC, Prairies
Julie Bowen, CSC, Ontario

Congratulations to all those who were selected and a heartfelt thank you to everyone across Canada who applied.