National leaders tour world-class police dog training centre in Alberta

National President David Neufeld and Regional Vice-Presidents Valda Behrens and Jeff Sandelli visited the Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta. The USJE leadership was greeted by Local President Louise Paquet, and given a two-hour tour of this world-class facility. The visit provided the opportunity to meet with a number of USJE members on site, and to better understand the important work they do in helping to keep Canadians safe.

Local President Paquet identified that the key activities USJE members perform at the site focus on the breeding, imprinting and care of the RCMP dogs in training. The tour provided an in-depth look at how the dogs are cared for and what types of training the dogs receive prior to being sent to serve on the front line across Canada and other parts of the world.

The tour showcased the expertise of the breeding and training centre by demonstrating how the dogs are trained for narcotic, explosive and human remains detection and other important policing activities, such as avalanche search and rescue. The USJE leaders were also given the opportunity to meet several Police Dog Handlers and to learn what brought them into this line of work. 

National President Neufeld was greatly impressed by the pride that USJE members expressed in the work they do and the genuine interest and concern they have for the dogs in their care. These members certainly have a unique role in the RCMP and the USJE leadership received a true appreciation for their contributions towards positive public safety outcomes.

The leaders also had the opportunity to meet and speak with Inspector Alana McLeod during the tour and to express their appreciation for the valuable role the RCMP plays in keeping Albertans and Canadians safe.

The site holds free public demonstrations on Wednesdays between Victoria Day and Labour Day from 2:00 to 2:45 p.m. USJE members are encouraged to stop by if they are in the area and to witness the incredible work of our members.