National USJE Executive meets to move agenda forward

Between March 1st and 4th, 2022, USJE’s National Executive met in Ottawa to move USJE’s agenda forward. During this meeting all public health guidelines were followed, with two members participating virtually.  Throughout these meetings, the USJE National Executive discussed and debated a number of key issues, such as:

  1. USJE’s first ever Equity Conference – During this meeting, funds were approved for USJE’s first ever Equity Conference to take place before February 2023, with 37 USJE Equity members in attendance.
  2. USJE’s National Local President’s Meeting (NLPM) – National Executive members discussed key agenda items for the NLPM to take place June 7-8, 2022. One agenda item will be the creation of a member engagement plan.  As well, the National Executive approved the participation of the equity committee in the NLPM. 
  3. Presumptive Injury Legislation – Dr. Rose Ricciardelli presented USJE-commissioned research on presumptive injury legislation across the country.  This information will assist our USJE National Health and Safety Committee in developing a campaign to advocate for changes so that this legislation becomes more inclusive of many of our members. 

In addition to these meetings, USJE’s National Education, Grievance Handling, Organization of Locals, Political Action, Occupational Group Structure, Mobilization, Personnel, Scholarship, and Communication committees met.  

Capping off the week, RVPs prepared for a virtual press conference regarding USJE’s Detachment Services Assistant report. After a full week of meetings, RVPs are now back in their communities, continuing to work hard on behalf of all USJE members.