New financial losses covered by claims process: what you need to know

The Treasury Board claims process for Phoenix has recently been expanded to cover financial losses caused by Phoenix related tax implications for the 2017 tax year. PSAC encourages members to review the new eligibility, and file a claim if applicable.

Employees who earned salary in 2016, but were not paid a portion of this salary until 2017, may have incurred financial losses due to:

  • Paying a higher rate of income tax
  • Reduced government benefits and credits

If you paid a higher rate of income tax due to receiving a portion of your 2016 salary in 2017, you can now submit a claim for the difference between what you paid, and what you should have paid had your salary been paid to you on time. Please make sure you have your correct 2017 notice of assessment before submitting the claim.

Receiving a portion of your 2016 salary in 2017 may have affected your eligibility for certain government benefits and credits. Starting in July 2018, employees will be able to submit claims related to their 2018 government benefits and credits, such as the Canada child benefit, GST/HST rebates, and daycare subsidies.

More information

Before preparing your claim, PSAC strongly urges members to review the following information from Treasury Board:

Departments and agencies have assigned claims officers to help you with this process. You can find the contact information for your department’s claims officer here.

Other eligible expenses

Don’t forget, you can still claim for out-of-pocket expensestax services (up to $200), and an advance on missing benefits.

If you have suffered a financial loss or incurred expenses due to Phoenix, but you do not find your particular situation described in the information provided at the above links, PSAC encourages you to still submit a claim. According to Treasury Board: “If you have incurred a permanent financial loss because of Phoenix, fill out a claim and add as much information as you can. Our goal is to correct each situation and we review each claim on a case-by-case basis.”