PO Classification Update

USGE National Office has been for many years and is still actively working to provide Parole Officers (POs) with proper work descriptions that will recognize the professionalism and the uniqueness of this cornerstone position within CSC. To achieve this goal, two objectives must be met. One is having the POs’ work descriptions up to date with their daily obligations and the knowledge required to perform their duties. The other is having an up-to-date WP classification standard to replace the current one that is over 40 years old.

During the last round of bargaining, PSAC successfully negotiated a commitment from Treasury Board to revamp classification standards. The standards are antiquated and don’t reflect the work that is currently being performed. However, before reviewing the standards, Treasury Board insisted that a review of the Occupational Group Structure take place. This is essentially the structure that dictates which classifications are in which bargaining unit.

PSAC has held a number of meetings with Treasury Board, and the review of the Occupational Group Structure is ongoing. The deadline for the completion of this process is May 2011. And once that process is done, the review of the classification standards will begin. While not ideal, it should result in the standards reflecting the work that is actually being done, but it won’t happen overnight.

USGE is, on a daily basis, actively and constantly pushing to hold the employer’s feet to the fire and ensuring that standards are updated and that our members’ work is being fairly evaluated and compensated.

What is very important to understand here is that the newest PO work descriptions combined with a 21st century PO (WP) classification benchmark should provide our PO members with a respectful and acceptable classification.