PSAC Files Policy Grievance in Response to Unilateral Demotion by CSC in SV Group

A Policy Grievance was filed by the PSAC at the request  of the USJE following the CSC’s unilateral decision to remove entitlements to the Inmate Training Differential (ITD). The USJE maintains that the ITD entitlement falls under the definition of Pay in the SV Collective Agreement and that, as such, the CSC’s actions constitute a breach of the Collective Agreement. The removal of ITD entitlement for our members has resulted in a downward reclassification of those positions that were in receipt of the ITD. While current employees have been salary protected, future incumbents may no longer have the same entitlements.

Despite the CSC’s changes, members are still performing the same duties and have the same responsibilities but now without the assurance of being entitled to the ITD 

We will keep you informed of all further developments.