​PSAC holds preliminary RCMP Civilian Member discussions with Treasury Board

PSAC met with Treasury Board for very preliminary discussions about the deeming process.

While at this stage we do not have a lot to report, we can say that PSAC/USGE are emphasizing that a freeze of terms and conditions of work be in place during ongoing discussions up to the point of deeming and during regular bargaining for the units into which civilian members (CM) will find themselves.

PSAC/USGE will defend protecting (grandfathering) any superior existing terms and conditions of employment for those impacted by the deeming process.

PSAC will establish an RCMP civilian members bargaining sub-committee to ensure that CMs are represented and heard throughout the upcoming bargaining process.

PSAC/USGE will work with the CM community to plan for integration into our local structures and familiarize CMs with the union.

All upcoming information will be found on the PSAC CM page and the USGE CM page.

Any questions can be directed to CM-INFO-MC@psac-afpc.com