RECAP: USGE’s National Triennial Convention – Day 2

Day 2 of USGE’s 2017 triennial convention was filled with healthy debate and discussion surrounding dozens of resolutions from three different committees. The Finance, Bylaw and General Resolutions committees tabled resolutions that would SIGNIFICANTLY change the face of USGE.


After approving the Finance committee’s report, delegates were asked to consider the first major resolution of the day from the Bylaw Committee to create an additional Regional Vice President for the Ontario and National Capital Region. Delegates engaged in a healthy debate and discussion, and ultimately voted in favour of the resolution thereby increasing the number of USGE Regional Vice Presidents to 17.


The second groundbreaking resolution tabled by the Bylaw Committee was a proposal to change the name of USGE to the Union of Safety and Justice Employees (USJE). Delegates spoke about how important they felt it was for our name to better reflect the type of work our members do. Others asked about cost. After some consideration, it was agreed that the approximate cost of $10,000 cost would come from unrestricted reserves

In addition, a delegate moved to have the Bylaw Committee re-examine the name change IN ORDER to add the word ‘Public’ to the new name in order to make it the ‘Union of Public Safety and Justice Employees’.The proposal was carried and over lunch the bylaw committee reviewed the motion from the floor but ultimately rejected the referral and returned to the convention hall with the original resolution. 

Delegates resumed discussion and debate an, when put to a vote, delegates approved the original resolution by an overwhelming majority. As a result, the Union of Solicitor General Employees will become the Union of Safety and Justice Employees as of January 1st, 2018.


Delegates also discussed and debated resolutions related to compensation for members when working on union business, shifting union structure to merge certain locals, making USGE’s website more accessible to individuals with visual disabilities, implementing new remote voting technologies, among many others. 

On the agenda for Day 3 (Thursday) is the election of the new executive in the morning and then regional caucuses in the afternoon.