Reminder for Treasury Board members: Moratorium lifted on automatic leave cash-out

December 2021 the following communications were posted by PSAC and TBS:

USJE has just been made aware of the following information which impacts Treasury Board members:

Employee Phase 2 Pay Out Update —​ Please be advised that the pay out of excess compensatory/ lieu/ travel leave banks as of September 30th will be paid on the pay of November 9th and will be identifiable on your pay stub under code M40.

However, it has also been discovered that in some cases, the most current salary rate was not used in the calculation and the amounts to be paid represent an underpayment to the affected employees. 

Where such errors have occurred, compensation teams are currently auditing all payments and taking immediate actions to correct these deficiencies as a subsequent payment adjustment in the coming pay period(s). We know for certain there are approximately 140 CSC members in the SV group to whom this will apply.

Managers will be advised if any of their employees may have an underpayment situation and who will be receiving an adjustment out of this calculation issue.

Should you have any questions about the pay out, you can reach out to your manager about the pay out, as they will have the information about the payment issued to you. The Pay Centre and/or Human Resources Service Centre will not have any detailed information about your payment. ​