Report on Kemptville Training Facility released, questions remain

In April 2021, the RCMP retained the services of a third-party environmental consultant to perform an analysis and assessment of potential health and safety hazards associated with the Kemptville training facility that was used by RCMP from the late 1980s until 2005. 

While the BluMetric report concludes that the risks associated with the exposure to each hazardous material ranged from no anticipated risk to low risk, the report does not eliminate the possibility that illnesses and injuries could potentially be linked to past exposures and conditions at this site.

Since the report’s release, a number of RCMP Members who trained at the Kemptville facility have stepped forward to challenge the credibility of this report. They note that the report indicates that Silica was found in the concrete and walls of the basement, that potential toxic mould was identified, and that the water was found to be lead-contaminated. They go on to state that part of their training was to ensure the installations they did were not readily apparent, which may explain BluMetric not finding any obvious evidence of drilling into the contaminated materials.  

USJE remains concerned about the impact of the contaminants in Kemptville. A CBC story in 2019 identified that at least six RCMP members who trained or worked at the centre died prematurely of cancer or neurological conditions.  

USJE encourages all members who worked at the Kemptville facility to complete a Lab 1070 to ensure that they have the best opportunity for protection if they develop any related medical conditions.   

USJE also encourages any members who feel they were negatively affected by their time at the Kemptville training facility to reach out to their USJE representative as soon as possible.  

The full report can be accessed by writing to:

USJE is committed to ensuring that all our members work in healthy and safe work environments.  If any of our members feel they are not working in such an environment, please reach out to your USJE representative for help.   

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