RVP Jeff Sandelli meets with MP Terry Duguid in Winnipeg to discuss support for USJE members

On July 28, Regional Vice-President, CSC Community – PBC (West), Jeff Sandelli met with Liberal MP Terry Duguid (Winnipeg South) to discuss support for the critical work that USJE members contribute directly to public safety.

Sandelli informed Duguid of the many positions held by USJE members across 18 departments and explained how the “behind the scenes” work by these members contributes to public safety, without the acknowledgement that traditional front-line workers receive.

They also spoke about the upcoming federal budget, and the impact on future priorities and services. The Correctional Service of Canada has been deeply affected by damaging cuts made in 2014 as part of the Deficit Reduction Action Plan (DRAP) and has not yet recovered. Duguid was provided examples of how the DRAP directly impacted public safety and our members’ health, safety and wellness.

One consequence of this lack of funding is increased Occupational Stress Injuries for USJE members. USJE is currently lobbying the federal government to make changes to presumptive injury definitions so that our trauma-injured members may be covered by presumptive injury legislation. Duguid was informed of the campaign and expressed support, committing to further dialogue with MP Jim Carr, Chair of the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security, among other colleagues.

The Federal Framework to Reduce Recidivism was also a topic of discussion. Sandelli detailed how USJE members often experience governmental priority shifts, which are reinterpreted by the departments and often play out much differently on the front line. Duguid was advised that USJE would be willing to facilitate dialogue with our members given their important knowledge as it relates to public safety.

USJE extends our thanks to MP Duguid for taking the time to meet with RVP Sandelli, and we look forward to future discussions.