RVP Osborne in St John’s Recognizes Legacy of Sean Hickey

RVP Carol Osborne attended the Newfoundland CCC and the St. John’s Parole Office on Monday, June 5 for a Local Visit, after the PSAC Atlantic Regional Convention ended.  RVP Laurie Ann Wesselby was also in attendance and toured the CCC. 

During the visit, the membership presented Sean Hickey with a gift to commemorate his almost 20 years as President of the Local.  RVP Osborne also presented Sean with a certificate of appreciation on behalf of USJE and the Local. 

Sean Hickey has been the longest standing Local President in the CSC Community (East).  He has always been a strong advocate for his members, sitting on the Advisory Committee on Community Safety and Operations (ACCSO), Local and Regional Labour Management Committees, and continues to be a Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Peer Support.  His dedication and professionalism shone through in the many significant roles he took over the years, earning him a profound sense of trust from the membership.

Sean remains active in the Local as a Shop Steward and by assisting in mentoring the new Executive before his retirement. 

Thank you, Sean, for your ongoing representation of USJE, for your commitment and the countless hours devoted to all your endeavors.