Shining the light on Correctional Service and Parole Board members in New Brunswick

Regional Vice-President Carol Osborne met with Fundy Royal MP Rob Moore in Hampton, New Brunswick to educate him about the USJE and the work our members do. Mr. Moore is the vice-chair of the Standing Committee for Justice and Human Rights, and the shadow critic for Justice.

RVP Osborne explained the numerous departments that USJE represents and the roles our members play in ensuring the public safety of Canadians. Mr. Moore was engaged and asked questions on parole and recidivism. It was a great discussion and relevant to the work USJE members do as well. 

The discussion also covered  programming, sentencing and how Correctional Services and Parole Board members work collaboratively. Mr. Moore was invited to visit Parrtown Community Correctional Centre and the Institutions to get a first hand look at how these institutions function and some of the challenges our members face on the job. 

Mr. Moore was advised of the upcoming Public Safety awards that will be given out on Parliament Hill in March. While he was interested to hear if there will be awards given to members locally, RVP Osborne was not at liberty to reveal these six outstanding members just yet.