Some good news for USGE’s Managers Assessment and Intervention and Parole Officer Supervisors

CSC will soon be sending out a letter to those USGE members who were recently de-excluded and who were advised that union dues would be deducted retroactively to March 1, 2014. It has been determined that union dues deductions were started prematurely and therefore CSC will be advising members that deductions will be suspended for the months of May and June and resumed on July 1, 2014 for those affected members.

The reason for this dues suspension is because of an administrative error in the directions from Treasury Board Secretariat with respect to the date on which dues were to start being deducted. The Union Dues Directive stipulates that the date to be used to determine when dues deductions are to start is based on the date of the PSLRB exclusion order. If the PSLRB’s order is dated the 1st day of the month, then dues are deducted as of that month. If the order is dated any other day the dues are deducted as of the next month.

In this case, since the PSLRB’s order to return positions to the bargaining unit was dated April 2, the deductions should only have begun on May 1 for incumbents of positions identified in the list. Therefore, for many of our new members, dues were prematurely deducted. USGE and CSC came to an agreeement to suspend further dues deductions for two months to rectify this unfortunate situation. This only applies to those members occupying positions listed in the PSLRB’s decision. 

Members will continue to have full representation, protection and entitlements during these next two months. Members should contact their RVPs if they have questions or concerns.