Spread the word: time is running out for a fair deal

The following article was reposted from PSAC:

We’ve been at the table with Treasury Board for nine months – and frankly – time is running out.

Trudeau’s window to deliver on his commitment to support public service workers and the vital services they provide Canadians is closing, but we’re willing to give him one more chance in a few weeks when we return to the table.

So far, this Liberal government has failed to come to the table ready to make real progress towards a fair contract. Our team has presented our concerns and proposals that we know will improve the lives of over 90,000 PSAC members, and strengthen the services Canadians rely on.

This includes improving work-life balance, strengthening job security, closing wage gaps, and securing fair economic wage increases.

It’s been three years and we’re still waiting to get paid properly under Phoenix. We’re also still waiting to be compensated for all the hardships we’ve endured because of countless pay problems. We shouldn’t also have to wait for the fair working conditions we deserve.

Before we sit down again to bargain in 3 weeks, we need to make it clear to the Liberal government that we expect serious movement at the table. Federal public service workers live in every riding in this country and our Members of Parliament need to hear that we are going to hold them accountable.

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