Supplementary strike pay

USJE has been receiving many inquiries about supplementary strike pay. Every USJE local has the capacity to make its own decision in regards to the “topping up” of PSAC’s regular strike pay. PSAC strike pay is based on your region of the country (generally $75 except for remote locations).

Payment of additional sums (“top-up”) over and above PSAC’s regular strike pay is determined by each USJE local, based on their financial capacity, and subject to requirements under their Bylaws, or decided by a vote of the general membership if the Bylaws are silent.

You can find the contact information for your USJE local here to confirm if they have established a local fund and the criteria to access those funds.

Additionally, it is important to note that the only other funds that can be accessed during a strike are PSAC’s Regional Hardship Funds. The purpose of these Hardship Funds is to provide assistance of an emergency nature, including but not restricted to urgent matters of food and shelter, where members are incurring/have incurred significant financial hardship due to being on strike and/or participating in a picket line. To be clear, this fund is not intended to be a source of supplementary strike pay. If you are experiencing significant financial hardship, please immediately contact your PSAC regional office.