Take Action – Treasury Board Directive on Hybrid Work

On May 1st, the Treasury Board of Canada mandated that all federal public service employees must be at the physical work site a minimum of three days per week, starting in September. It has already been established that very few of our members receive the minimum, with one-size-fits-all of 4 or 5 days on-site having already been broadly implemented without consideration. This generic policy continues to lack nuance in terms of an individual’s work realities and ignores the widely used technological innovations already in place.

USJE is urging its members to immediately reach out to the President of the Treasury Board, Minister Anita Anand, to express their opposition to a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Please consider using the template below to submit your email to the Minister, or customize your own email.  

Like many public service employees, members of the Union of Safety and Justice Employees successfully demonstrated their ability to conduct a portion (or all) of their duties remotely during the pandemic. We’ve seen how federal public service employees continue to deliver for Canadians with a hybrid work arrangement.

Numerous studies have proven the benefits of working remotely – including a more dynamic workforce, less time wasted commuting to the work site, a safer work environment, and a smaller carbon footprint with fewer cars on the road.

Studies also show that many employees are more productive at home without office distractions, and regularly work more hours because they have greater flexibility.

Since 2022, USJE has strongly opposed the Treasury Board’s uniform approach to mandating employees’ presence in the workplace.

USJE urges you to take the time to send a quick email to Minister Anita Anand to express your opposition to the Treasury Board‘s decision.

Your support is appreciated, and your advocacy at this time is critical! 

In solidarity,

David Neufeld 
National President 

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