USGE’s concerns re: Parole Officer Continuous Development (POCD) training

On December 1st USGE met with senior management at a Correctional Services NLMCC. Mr. Head and Mr. Macaulay were both in attendance. We had a full discussion about Parole Officer Continuous Development (POCD) training that is scheduled for this fiscal year as well as the 2017-2018 training.

USGE has expressed concerns with the proposed training model for Parole Officers on a number of occasions including at Senior Executive Management meetings and Bilateral meetings. Information pertaining to the POCD for 2017-2018 fiscal year was shared with all CSC RVPs in June of 2016 and again in August. Feedback was received and provided to Corrections. One of the most significant concerns expressed was the reliance of on line training and the lack of in person training. USGE was clear in our position that in person group training is the most effective and should be the preferred training model. This type of training provides opportunities for Parole Officers and supervisors to share ideas, best practices and understand the different roles in the institutions and communities. We also shared feedback we have received over the past several months from Parole Officers stating that on line training was not having the impact CSC is hoping for.

USGE and Corrections agreed to set up a small working group of Parole officers and managers to discuss the 2017-2018 POCD. Parole Officers will be selected by USGE and led by Brother David Neufeld.