USJE advocates for departments to allow for telework, wherever possible

USJE continues to advocate strongly that all departments should be developing plans to include telework as part of the New Normal, wherever possible.  In addition, USJE is clearly putting forward that the development of these plans must involve consultation with the union.

USJE’s recent survey of members indicated that:

  • 88% of respondents have been successful in meeting their work objectives while working from home, with 25% of these respondents sharing their bosses’ positive comments and evaluations regarding their employee’s telework success. 

In addition, USJE’s survey of members showed that:

  • 63% of respondents feel they could effectively accomplish their work by working 3 – 5 days a week at home

It is clear, that telework is certainly an option for many of our members and a hybrid work environment is something that can work for both employees and departments. 

To ensure that the highest level of decision-makers is aware of USJE’s position, President Neufeld’s team is liaising with Minister Marco Mendicino’s office, to ensure that a discussion on this important issue takes place in the coming weeks.