USJE members elected to five positions at PSAC BC Regional Convention

Congratulations to the USJE’s BC Region for their strong representation of USJE at the 8th PSAC BC Regional Convention, May 6-9, 2021. USJE is pleased to announce that our members were elected to five positions on the BC Regional Council of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC).

Kirsty Havard, USJE Regional Vice President (RVP) for BC, Correctional Service Canada (CSC), was elected to two positions. Convention delegates elected her 2nd Alternate Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP), BC Region. Jamey Mills was re-elected BC REVP. The Convention also voted Kirsty to the position of Alternate National Officers Coordinator.

Alan Otrosina, President of Local 20141 at Mission Minimum Institution, was elected East Fraser Valley Area Coordinator and Stacey Gauthier, President of Local 20156 at Mountain Institution in Agassiz was elected Alternate East Fraser Valley Area Coordinator.

Una Gair, Shop Steward at Local 20086 Vancouver CSC Community Parole was voted in as First Alternate Health and Safety Coordinator.

The team aims to revitalize union activism in the East Fraser Valley by engaging more with other components and getting workers involved outside of the workplace, away from any fears of intimidation by the Employer.

Thanks to the delegates for their hard work in supporting the USJE candidates in campaigning, especially as it was the first PSAC regional convention held virtually.

RVP BC (CSC) Kirsty Havard told USJE the good election outcome was due to teamwork by our delegates.

“It shows that we are organized and communicate well – and are able to get into positions,” Kirsty said.

“It sets a good tone for the rest of the conventions,” said RVP BC (RCMP-Dept Justice-PPSC) Nicole Gibson, adding that they had worked especially hard on all the campaigning done virtually.

As the convention calendar was moved a year due to COVID-19, elected members will hold their positions until the next regularly scheduled PSAC BC Regional Convention in 2023.

You can see a full list of the BC Regional Council members elected on the PSAC BC website.