USJE urges participation in CSC workload review survey

USJE is encouraging all Institutional Parole officer to complete a Corrections Service Canada survey on workload review. The study has been extended until Friday, July 19 so if you have not yet participated, this is your opportunity! 

USJE believes it’s in the best interest of Institutional Parole Officers to use as many avenues as possible – including participating in this CSC survey – to give USJE and the employer the information needed to improve working conditions.

USJE has been involved in this survey which is a joint CSC and Statistics Canada initiative to gather workload data about Institutional Parole Officers. Our involvement is one of a number of ways USJE has been working to achieve more manageable workloads for Parole Officers. That’s why we’re urging all Institutional Parole Officers to complete the workload review survey as soon as possible. Your participation will help paint an accurate and complete picture of workload issues, and assist USJE in our efforts to improve working conditions. 

On May 26, we also released a USJE report on a national survey of Parole Officers which gained wide media exposure across Canada. This report highlighted the difficulties Parole Officers face and the additional risks these pose for the safety of Canadian communities.

USJE has also engaged directly with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to apprise him of the deep challenges Parole Officers encounter in an under-resourced federal correctional system. These concerns were brought forward by a special WP working group during Treasury Board bargaining. 

Through these diverse tactics, USJE is working to support positive change for Parole Officers. To be as effective as possible, we need the support of our members. We encourage all Institutional Parole Officers to take the time to complete this survey today!

Survey links below: (Please note these links do not link from our site. They are only accessible on CSC`s internal network and intended for use only by Institutional Parole Officers on that site)

Men offender institutions:

Women offender institutions: