Welcome to new CSC members

With the New Year comes new members! USGE is pleased to welcome CSC employees whose positions were recently returned to the bargaining unit.

In early December, CSC agreed to return 354 positions to USGE by de-excluding many positions and by withdrawing many exclusion proposals for similar positions. The changes are the outcome of lengthy discussions between CSC and USGE around the sustainability of traditional exclusions rationales. In the end, it was agreed that these positions no longer met the criteria to justify their exclusion under article 59(1)(e) of the PSLRA. 

A Questions and Answers document is being prepared in order to answer the many questions new members may have about the change in status to their position.

USGE also encourages our new members to contact their Regional Vice-Presidents (RVP) who are prepared to meet with you and to answer your questions.

USGEs goal has always been to ensure that a maximum number of persons would enjoy the freedoms and rights incidental to collective bargaining and our new members can be confident that they now have a stronger voice when it comes to collective bargaining, as our shared issues will be at the forefront of negotiations.

United and working together, we will effect change within your workplaces, negotiate better conditions, and ensure safer workplaces. 

Welcome to our new members!