Will you join the “Support The Fort” — Alberta Fire Relief — Challenge?

On Wednesday, as news was breaking about the wildfires in Fort McMurray, one of USGE’s Albertan RVPs, Zef Ordman, put out the following $5.00 per member challenge. 

USGE’s Grand Cache Local has already confirmed their participation. Other locals, components and unions have indicated their support too – including USGE National Executive – more details coming soon. 

Will you join in?? Will you “Support the Fort” for Fire Relief in Alberta? If so, you too could call Zef any time of the day or night (Zef’s a good guy. You’ll like talking to him at 3:00 am.) 


I challenge every Union representative who gets this email to contact their locals and components to come up with a minimum of $5 per member…this is in addition to whatever the PSAC national and USGE national choose to donate.

So the challenge is out there — to the PSAC and components to kicking in $5 or more per member to help the workers of Fort McMurray!

Thanks for your support and help!

If you want to call me to help or fight…either way you can reach me at 403 877 8685. 24 hours per day… I challenge you!

Ohhh and I do promise to pick up the phone any hour of the day!


Zef Ordman, RVP USGE Alberta