ASPR Terms of Reference signed off

USGE is pleased to announce that Terms of Reference for the Administrative Support Positions Review (ASPR) have been signed. The committee is now prepared to resume the consultation process.

For Phase II, the Terms of Reference outline the scope of the review,

“… the review of administrative support roles will be conducted separately and incrementally within Federal Policing (FP) and Contract and Aboriginal Policing (CAP) Sectors. CAP is currently working with the Corporate Organization and Classification Directorate to develop a strategy for the review of approximaely 100 administrative support positions in contract environment. Starting in the Fall 2013, FP will initiate the review of approximately 700 positions covering a broad range of administrative support positions within the FP mandates. The focus will be on positions providing administrative support to operational policing programs and services, such as:

  • integrated administrative support positions such as IBET, INSET, IPOC, CFSEU;
  • administrative support positions to drugs and commercial crime investigation units, federal enforcement units, customs and excise units, immigration and passport units;
  • Court liaison support, records and finance support, GIS, Major Crimes support.”

As per a previous article, USGE is recommending that our members  whose positions will be reviewed continue reviewing their job description and identify duties that are missing. As well they can begin collecting supporting documents that would establish that they have been requested to perform those duties.

USGE further recommends that members within the specific Districts performing same or similar positions work together to gather comments that could be brought forward to the committee for their review.