Budget 2014: Same old, same old

With Jim Flahertys budget 2014, it’s just another case of déjà vu. The Harper government is quite pleased with itself, since it is on track to balance the books next year. And most Canadians appear to like this. Whats not obvious is that this balancing will come on the backs of the public service employees. More cuts, more WFA equals less programs and less services.

This is nothing more than an election-ready budget, a piece of fluff that is more smoke and mirror rather than true substance. Once again, the Harper government attacks the public service benefits by looking to modernize the Governments disability and sick leave management and attacks PS retirees by increasing the amount retirees must now pay to access their retirement health benefits.  

The government claims that its cuts are not compromising the delivery of priority services to Canadians. Tell that to the Parole Officer doing the work of three, who is at risk of career burnout. Tell that to the Canadian taxpayer now paying more for less service and less availabilty. Tell that to the Canadian veteran who just saw their pensions and benefits unfairly clawed back.

This is not just a USGE issue; this is something that is affecting all Canadians across the board. Services, programs, safety are all being compromised, all in the name of balancing the books so that the Harper government can look good during next years election run. 

Canadians need to wake up and see what is being dismantled right in front of them. Canadians need to tell their MPs and the Harper government that they are tired of the same old rhetoric and the same of sleight-of-hand moves. Canadians need to remember that election day is right around the corner.