Changes to CSC’s Model affect USGE tradespeople

It has come to our attention that CSC is planning to implement a new Technical Services & Facilities Governance Model. This model will diminish the number of licensed tradespeople and increase the number of trade generalists employed by CSC. In addition, this new model incorporates an increased use of maintenance contractors.

USGE is clear in our assertion that institutions need indeterminate maintenance specialists. We will also carefully review the anticipated use of contractors to ensure that these positions are not replacing the valuable work that our members do. USGE will be sharing these perspectives with the CSC Commissioner.

In the meantime, while USGE has been assured that this new model will not result in workforce adjustment, that employees will not lose their jobs, and that much of the change will be achieved through attrition, we are aware that a number of our members will be impacted staff.

USGE wants to remind our members that your jobs are secure. None of our members need to accept a position just because it is offered.

If, in the upcoming days, you become an impacted staff and are offered a new position (demotion, promotion or lateral deployment), we highly recommend that you do not respond immediately but take time to consider the offer. If you would like to discuss your thoughts, please feel free to contact your RVP.