CSIS Bargaining Update

Meetings between the bargaining team and the employer were held on November 7 and 8 in Ottawa.

Significant progress was made on a number of issues and the team was able to sign off on a number of items, including:

  • scheduling of leave with pay;
  • leave with pay for family related responsibilities; and
  • bereavement leave with pay and religious observance.

Also signed was a Letter of Understanding that would immediately recognize prior service in the Canadian Forces for vacation purposes.

Despite the best efforts of the negotiation team, they were unable to conclude negotiations and reach an agreement during the alloted time. In fact, both are still far apart on a number of key issues. Therefore, two more days of bargaining have been scheduled in the middle of December.

Outstanding items include:

  • severance pay;
  • performance appraisal files;
  • economic increases; and
  • work force adjustment.

Given the context of budget and job cuts in the federal public service, the bargaining team is working hard to make changes to the collective agreement that will add needed protections to the members of this local. The bargaining team hopes that the employer will return to the table with a clear mandate to conclude a fair collective agreement for all.

Members are reminded that, until an agreement is reached, all current provisions of the collective agreement remain in place.

A general membership meeting will be held on December 3, at which time a detailed update on the state of negotiations will be provided.