CSIS Bargaining Update

Your bargaining team went back to the bargaining table on December 19 with the goal of concluding a fair collective agreement for employees at CSIS. We soon discovered that the employer is either unwilling or does not have the mandate to move on the key outstanding issues at the table, including Workforce Adjustment (WFA).

At the AGM on December 3rd, you told us very clearly that the WFA is very important to you, especially during times of budget and job cuts. An enhanced WFA (layoff and recall provisions) would provide you with the needed protection during these uncertain times. What we are asking for is what other employees in the public sector including CSE already have. Why should you not be protected by the same layoff and recall provisions as others doing similar work?

At the end of our bargaining session on December 19 the employer asked for extra time to reconsider our proposal on the WFA and make a counteroffer in the New Year. We are currently looking to schedule another bargaining session this month. Failing to reach a fair and comprehensive agreement at the table, your bargaining team will be filing for arbitration. The arbitration process will take a few months to conclude. We will keep you informed once we have new information to share.