Delay transfer of RCMP Civilian Members to Phoenix

RCMP civilian members should not be transferred to the federal payroll when they join the public service until the Phoenix pay system is fixed.

Nearly 4,000 RCMP civilian members (CMs) are slated to be deemed into the federal public service April 26, 2018. However, the Public Service Alliance of Canada strongly urges the Liberal government to avoid transferring the CMs to the troubled Phoenix pay system.

“No reasonable person would add the additional strain of these members to the Phoenix pay system if it can be avoided,” said Robyn Benson, PSAC National President. “RCMP civilian members should not suffer a negative impact when they join the federal public service.”

Treasury Board President Scott Brison verbally committed to delaying the transfer of RCMP CMs to Phoenix In a meeting with the Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates November 9.

“We don’t want to add to the burden of Phoenix right now at a time when we’re still working through the problems,” Brison said when pressed about the transfer by NDP MP Daniel Blaikie. “It makes sense, and so I would agree with your assessment [to not transfer civilian members over to Phoenix].”

PSAC is requesting that Treasury Board make this commitment in writing to all RCMP civilian members.

The RCMP currently manages its own internal pay system with a team of compensation advisors to distribute pay to its members. This system can and should be used to continue to pay RCMP members accurately and on time.

“Phoenix is already causing immense pain and suffering for thousands of federal public service workers,” said Benson. “Delaying the transfer of RCMP CMs to the federal payroll will make their transition more seamless and ensure there is no additional pressure added to Phoenix.”

PSAC continues to take every opportunity to alert the government to the potential issues linked to RCMP CMs joining the Phoenix pay system. PSAC is also considering all possible actions that would stop the government from transferring CMs to Phoenix.

Staffing blackout unnecessary

Delaying the transfer of CMs to the federal payroll also makes a recent RCMP staffing blackout on CM substantive positions unnecessary.

In a recent memo to staff, RCMP management have ordered a blackout on all staffing processes beginning December 1, 2017 as CMs transition to Phoenix. However, PSAC urges the RCMP to halt the blackout until the Liberal government confirms RCMP CMs will not be added to the Phoenix pay system.