Details of Policy Grievance filed by PSAC, WFAA — Department of Justice

From the Policy Grievance filed June 29, 2012

This is a Policy Grievance hereby filed by the Public Service Alliance of Canada pursuant to Sec. 220 of the Public Service Labour Relations Act.

The Bargaining Agent submits that the Department of Justice has breached article 1.1.27 of the WFAA and related articles of the collective agreement by engaging non-indeterminate employees to do the work of opting and surplus employees.

Some examples include:

  • Posting an AS position on an anticipatory basis;
  • Hiring individuals into 12 term positions (CR, AS, IS) and extending the terms of 9 others (AS,CR).

Corrective Action

  1. Declare that the employer has breached the collective agreement.
  2. Order that the employer immediately refrain from engaging non-indeterminate employees;
  3. Order that the employer compensate all employees who have been affected by such actions and order reinstatement where applicable;
  4. Order that the employer provide reasonable job offers for surplus employees and laid-off persons impacted by this violation of WFAA;
  5. Placement of any such order above on the personnel file of the deputy head responsible for the breach of the WFAA;
  6. Any other relief that the PSAC may request and deems just in the circumstances and that the Board may allow.