Early July update on CSC’s NGWD committees

Since the most recent article in April 2011, NGWD committees conference calls took place. For the following NGWD, committee members participated in at least one conference call for the discussion/presentation of their respective revised NGWD to CSC’s Functional Head. We are providing here the dates of the said conference calls alongside the each position:

  • Behavioural Counsellor

On 2011-06-20, the committee members participated in the second conference call so to continue the discussion/presentation of the revised work description between all participants of the committee. There will be a need for at least one or two more conference calls to complete the discussion/presentation of this NGWD to CSC’s functional head.

  • Sentence Management Associate – 2011-06-30
  • Sentence Management without supervision – 2011-06-20
  • Psychology Testing Assistant – 2011-06-19
  • OMS – Offender Management System Specialist – 2011-06-27
  • Compensation Advisor – 2011-06-26
  • Supervisor – Compensation – 2011-06-17

Following these conference calls and for all but the Behavioural Counsellor’s group, CSC Functional Heads are currently in the process of writing the to be official new NGWD. Once they have completed that task, they will share with all committee members the said to be official NGWD. Why the said to be NGWD? Because delegates will have a last review and opportunity to comment and participate in a last conference call with CSC’s Functional Head on its content. Then after, CSC will classify these NGWD and provide to all of their employees of these positions with their NGWD and classification notice.

The following NGWD positions that will be revised next, USGE National Office has provided each RVP with lists of incumbents:

  • Chiefs Institutional services – Chefs des services institutionnels
  • Heath Services Assistant – Adjoint des Centres de Soins
  • Program Assignment and Inmate Pay Assistant – Adjointe affectation aux programmes et à la rémunération des détenus
  • Assistant to Deputy Warden or Assistant Warden – Adjointe au directeur adjoint / sous-directeur
  • Human Resources Assistant Specialist (institution) – Adjointe spécialiste en ressources humaines (établissement)
  • Human Resources Assistant Generalist (RHQ) – Adjointe généraliste en ressources humaines (AR)
  • Staff Training Officer (Staff College) – Agent ou agente de formation du personnel
  • Assistant to the Warden / District Director – Adjoint(e) au Directeur d’établissement / District
  • Assistant to the Assistant Deputy Commissionner – Adjoint(e) au Sous-commissaire adjoint

The next step in the process is for these RVPs to provide names of regional incumbents/delegates (one per region, per position) to USGE National Office. These incumbents will be provided with their CSC’s official and current work description. A conference call will be set between a USGE LRO and these members to explain how they are to proceed with the review of their NGWD. They will work on re-writing their work description so it is a really complete and accurate reflection of their daily role, responsibilities and obligations. Once that is done, it will be reviewed by a USGE LRO in collaboration with the delegates from each region before presenting the said NGWD to CSC Functional Head. At this point, USGE office and CSC NHQ will set a conference call for all committee members to participate in presenting their revised NGWD to CSC Functional Head of each position.

We are awaiting the lists of incumbents for the following positions and as soon as we receive them at USGE National Office, they will be forwarded to the RVPs so they can provide names of delegates for their respective regions:

  • Training Coordinator (Staff College) – Coordonnateur à la formation (Collèges du personnel)
  • Human Resources Assistant Specialist – (RHQ – NHQ) – Adjointe spécialiste en ressources humaines (AR – AC)
  • Assistant to Regional Administrator – Adjoint à la directrice régionale
  • Financial Specialist (Institution District) – Spécialistes en finances (Établissement et District)
  • Parole Officer Supervisor (Community) – Surveillant des ALC (Communauté)

Until this process is completed, USGE will post, on a regular basis, ideally bi-monthly, news articles to keep our members informed.