Fixing Phoenix: 10 ways PSAC is working for you

We want you to know that our union is doing everything in its power to ensure the new pay system is fixed so you get paid on time.

As well, the government must let public service employees know immediately about what personal information has been shared and how they can take steps to protect their identities. We are writing to the Privacy Commissioner, as well as the Prime Minister and Minister Foote, to express our alarm.

Many of our demands have already been met. Here are examples of what we have done and continue to do on your behalf.

1. Pushing for compensation

Phoenix pay problems have resulted in penalties, interest charges and exceptional fees for many of our members. We are currently pushing the government to provide fair compensation for public service workers and to take into account the serious circumstances our members find themselves in as a result of not receiving a pay cheque in months.

The government did not offer compensation for workers until PSAC made this demand.

2. Taking the government to court 

On June 28, we filed a court application in collaboration with other unions to force the federal government to meet its legal duty to provide timely and accurate pay for public service employees. We have requested a court hearing without delay.

3. Filing an unfair labour practice complaint 

On June 28, we filed an unfair labour practice complaint and have asked for an expedited hearing.

4. Our urgent letter to Minister Foote 

On June 14, we sent an urgent letter to Minister Foote demanding her department take action. Some of our demands have already been met.

  • Rehire experienced workers into compensation and benefit jobs until the federal pay system is restored. The Minister has agreed to this.
  • Appoint an independent auditor to examine the causes of this crisis and recommend long-term solutions. The Minister has agreed to this.
  • Immediately ensure all departments have sufficient funds and human resources so that priority payments can be made to workers.
  • Commit to reparations for any worker suffering financial penalties as a result of missed pay cheques.
  • Make certain that employees’ security clearance and reliability status is in no way affected by poor credit ratings caused by the government’s failure to pay employees correctly or on time.

5. Calling for emergency payments 

We have worked closely with department officials to ensure that employees have access to emergency payments. Our experience so far is that some departments are more equipped than others. We are pressing the government to ensure all departments are prepared.

6. Our online letter writing campaign 

On June 16, we launched our online letter writing campaign to Minister Judy Foote letting her know how the Phoenix pay system is adversely affecting you. So far, the Minister has received more than 5,000 letters.

7. Call Minister Scott Brison 

Minister Scott Brison came out in the media asking for public service workers to call him directly to share their stories. We published his number on our social media feed and received more than 70k hits. We learned he was inundated with calls.

8. Red flags raised before launch of pay system 

PSAC repeatedly warned the Liberal government before the launch of the new pay system that there were serious problems and that Phoenix should not proceed. Unfortunately, our concerns went unheeded.

9. Media coverage 

PSAC spokespeople have been front and centre in the media exposing issues with the Phoenix pay system and the pressures our members in Miramichi are facing.

10. Filed grievances on behalf of Miramichi workers

The implementation of the new Phoenix system has put excessive stress on the employees who process pay under the new system. We have filed a policy grievance on behalf of our members because of the technical changes involved with their work.

Thank you

We thank you for your involvement in ensuring that the Phoenix pay system is fixed immediately.

We will continue to fight for your rights and push for action to #fixphoenix so you receive the pay you are owed.