Government delaying signing of new collective agreements

As published by Public Service Alliance of Canada

PSAC has been pushing the government to sign four collective agreements by the end of May, but the employer is insisting they won’t be ready until mid-June at the earliest. These agreements, covering over 100,000 workers, were ratified by the membership in votes that concluded in April.

PSAC still waiting for drafts of agreements

At this time, the final drafts of the agreement for the Program and Administrative Services (PA) Group and the agreement for the Education and Library Science (EB) Group are just about finalized.

PSAC has yet to receive the draft agreements covering the Technical Services (TC) and Operational Services (SV) Groups, even though the employer has had months to get the drafts ready.

We are committed to reviewing the draft agreements and replying to the employer in less than three days.

Members have waited long enough

These agreements, which took over two and a half years to negotiate, do not go into effect until they are signed. PSAC believes our members, who have also spent the last year dealing with the Phoenix pay system debacle, have waited long enough.

We are continuing to pressure the employer to make this a priority and sign these agreements signed as soon as possible.