Helping our members after the incident at the Saskatchewan Pen

The Correctional Service Canada experienced a significant unfavourable incident at Saskatchewan Penitentiary which began December 14, 2016. 

The Saskatchewan Penitentiary staff, as well as additional CSC staff that have been deployed from other sites, are working tirelessly under the most difficult circumstances, to return the institution to operational capacity as quickly and safely as possible.

We understand and recognize that whenever such an incident occurs it has an definite impact on ALL CSC staff and management whether you work at an institution, in the community, at an RHQ, and indeed NHQ. 

The CSC has begun their investigative process, the RCMP have begun their criminal investigation process. The USGE, as always, will be cooperative in these processes.

At this point, the best way we can assist staff at this very difficult time, and the investigative process’s, is to not engage in rumors or speculative conversations.

The facts will be established, then we will consult and move forward from those findings. At the very least it is irresponsible to do otherwise.

Our main focus right now is to assist any members or staff that may require additional interventions to deal with any negative impacts on their wellbeing.

I would like to thank all of the staff and management at Saskatchewan Penitentiary for their professionalism and dedication to service from the very start of the incident, and as they continue to work through this. The resiliency and sense of family that you display and live in time of crisis is truly remarkable. 

I would like to thank the EAP/CISM teams for your response and ongoing work, the USGE Executive, and the RHQ management team that kept us apprised in real time.


Barry Stolar, RVP-USGE (CSC-SASK)