Michael Reeves gives us Convention slogan – Keeping Canadians safe – from the mountains to the sea

Michael Reeves from Local 20086 Vancouver CSC Community Parole is the winner in USJE’s convention slogan contest with Keeping Canadians safe – from the mountains to the sea.

He has won a $200 gift certificate to the USJE Store and is invited to join us in Whistler, BC, as an observer, for our 19th National Triennial Convention, July 17-21, 2023, all expenses paid.

The slogan perfectly encapsulates how our members keep Canadians safe all across the country and also links National Convention 2023 to its location in Whistler on the Sea-to-Sky Highway.

Thanks to Michael for sharing his creativity with us, and we look forward to seeing him, and all the delegates and observers at Convention in July.

Stay tuned – Registration will open shortly.