Convention Daily Recap – July 20, 2023

Today, USJE Members elected their National Executive team for the 2023-2026 and dealt with some important business. 

National President David Neufeld was acclaimed for the 2023-2026 term, and received a heartfelt standing ovation for his service over the past 20 months. President Neufeld took to the mic and extended his deep appreciation to his family, parents, USJE’s membership and Regional Vice Presidents for their support, and committed to working very hard in this term.

Regional caucuses also elected their RVPs for three year terms (2023-2026). The results of the elections were as follows:

  • CSC Community – PBC (East): Carol Osborne
  • Atlantic (CSC): Laurie Ann Wesselby
  • Atlantic (RCMP-Justice-PPSC): RVP Lynette Robinson
  • CSC Community – PBC (West) RVP Jeff Sandelli
  • Quebec (CSC): Patrick Ménard
  • Quebec (RCMP–Justice–PPSC–CSC Community–PBC): Andréanne Samson
  • Ontario (CSC): Bill Bailey
  • Ontario & NCR (RCMP-PPSC-CSIS-Justice): Bella Skalin
  • NCR (RCMP): Sonia O’Brien-Colterman
  • NCR: JP Surette
  • Manitoba (CSC): Kirk McIntosh
  • Saskatchewan (CSC): Shauna Ward
  • Saskatchewan & Manitoba (RCMP-Justice-PPSC): Heather McKinnon
  • Alberta (CSC): Zef Ordman
  • Alberta, Northwest Territories & Nunavut (RCMP-Justice-PPSC): Valda Behrens 
  • British Columbia (CSC): Kirsty Havard
  • British Columbia & Yukon (RCMP-Justice-PPSC): Zoe Johnston

This was followed by the election of the National Vice-President (NVP) for a three year term. Both candidates for the position, Carol Osborne and Lynette Robinson addressed the delegates from the podium. After a secret vote, it was announced that Lynette Robinson had been re-elected as NVP. 

USJE Honorary Members: 

Jeanette Manuel-Allain and Jackie Oswald were made Honorary Members. Former USJE National President Stan Stapleton was also awarded honorary member status. All three were introduced by their current Regional Vice President who thanked them for their decades of service, and described their powerful impact on USJE and the labour movement generally.  Delegates were moved to hear their stories, and to recognize how these individuals have shaped who USJE has become today.

Equity Committee Presentation  

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the National Equity Committee, Lynette Robinson and Shauna Ward, offered an overview of the work of USJE’s National Equity committee, including USJE’s very first National Equity conference, the development of an Equity page on USJE’s website, the release of a USJE video, and USJE’s efforts to improve data collection within departments and agencies on the recruitment and retention of equity-seeking employees.  The Chairs are excited by the progress made and look forward to the future.  

Finally, two resolutions were heavily debated and, ultimately, carried.

5 – (a) Each Local and Section shall be notified of its entitlement to send one participant when there are five or more but less than 150 members and one additional participant for each additional 250 members or fraction thereof.

b) Upon notification of the national office of the opening date of the scheduled Regional conference, each Local and Section, shall elect the prescribed number of delegates from amongst its members.

c)The PSAC computer printout available at the time of notice shall be used to determine participant entitlement.

(d) Regional Vice-President of the region where the regional Conference is being held also shall be a participant. 

11A – USJE By-Law 6, Section 5, was amended with the following language: 

The National President shall be required to reside in Canada and maintain a residence or accommodations in the National Capital Region. a) The National President shall, within sixty (60) days of their election to the Presidency, select whether to: i) Relocate to the National Capital Region, with access to the Relocation Expenses as per Regulation 10; or ii)Maintain their primary residence outside of the NCR, and receive a monthly Accommodation Receipted Reimbursement, in such amount as determined by the National Executive – based on reasonable market rates at that time – subject to Regulations adopted by the National Executive. b) the selection made in 5) a) i) or ii) by the National President shall remain in effect for the duration of the presidency in any subsequent terms of office. Any exceptions to this must be approved by the National Executive.