Pay Consolidation Project underway in various government departments

The Prime Minister recently announced its intention of embarking on a Pay Modernization Project and a Pay Consolidation Project. Of particular interest to our members is the latter project. This project will affect those USGE members working as Compensation Advisors within the different departments under our purview.

These projects have been in discussion stages for many years, but this recent announcement is now making them a reality. The Federal Government intends to have all departmental Compensation Advisors moving from their departments and agencies to Public Works and relocating them to a central location in Miramichi, New Brunswick. The expected timelines for this are a definition phase, from September 2010 to April 2012 and an implementation phase, from May 2011 to October 2015.

The establishment of the Centre of Expertise will lead to the creation of 550 public service jobs starting in 2011-12 and reaching its full staff complement by 2015-16. USGE departments affected in the first wave are the following: Correctional Service Canada; Department of Justice; Department of Public Safety; National Parole Board; and the RCMP (civilians).

The government is not saying that there will not be job losses as a result of this project, but rather :

“No compensation employees are at risk of losing their employment as transition will be managed mainly through attrition. In fact, over the next few years, a large number of experienced compensation staff will be eligible for retirement. This will lead to an anticipated short-term 45% attrition rate of Compensation Advisors due to retirements.”

USGE is closely monitoring this situation and will ensure that it is added to appropriate NLMCC agendas as a standing item with the targeted departments.

USGE will be posting updates on this site as more information becomes available.