PBC Renewal Initiative

In 2011, the Parole Board of Canada launched its Renewal Initiative. This corporate-wide examination of the PBCs processes and operations had as a goal the recommendation of effective decision-making models and a best-practices organizational structure. The USGE National Office recently received a copy of the report from the Renewal Initiative team. A total of 116 recommendations were included in the report. Of note, the primary human resources focus will be to realign positions and duties. There are no job cuts planned; any budgetary restrictions will be fulfilled through natural  attrition. In fact, this is clearly stated in the report:

…all proposed modifications to the role, span of responsibility, function and structure will be done gradually and any person impacted will be involved in the transition. There is a job for everyone at the Board: no one will lose their job as a result of the Renewal Initiative.

There will also be a push towards a centralization of services. 

A five-year phased approach has been proposed for the implementation of the recommendations. This should aid with the PBC’s ability to address the recommendations over time.

USGE is disappointed that we were not considered stakeholders and, therefore, were not consulted during the initial phase of this process. There is room for some cautious optimism, though, since we’re been assured that we will be receive updates during NLMCCs and will be consulted on the suggestions and recommendations put forth by the Offices of Primary Interest (OPI).