Phoenix system and membership dues correction: what you need to know

*Please note that this matter is being handled by PSAC. If you have any questions, please refer to PSAC’s  Frequently Asked Questions. Should the answer to your question not be covered, please contact PSAC directly through this online form.

The Phoenix pay system has been a disaster for our members. Members have been underpaid, overpaid and not paid at all. Learn more about what PSAC has been doing to get this fixed:

The Phoenix payroll system has not only disrupted our members’ pay, but it has also been incorrect amounts of membership dues for 150,000 workers. Not deducting union dues correctly is one more way that Phoenix has failed public sector workers. You can push the government to pay public sector workers correctly, every pay day. 


The government has brought changes to its system that allow for the correct amount in dues to be paid. Members will begin to see the correct dues amount on their paycheques starting November 14th. Members will find themselves in one of two categories: they are owed a refund, or they owe additional dues that were not properly deducted.

MEMBERS WHO ARE OWED A REFUND: The amount will be returned within 1 to 2 pay cheques. More complicated refunds may take longer. PSAC will refund the total amount owed as a result of errors in the Phoenix pay system.

MEMBERS WHO OWE ADDITIONAL DUES: The wellbeing of our members is our top priority, therefore PSAC has policies in place to protect members who owe dues from facing financial hardship: PSAC will recover this in small payments over several pay cheques. This process shouldn’t take more than 2 – 3 months. (The majority of members who owe dues, owe less than $300.)

We will only collect back dues at a rate equal to twice the correct monthly dues rate and we will only collect the equivalent of 1 years’ worth of dues from a member.

PSAC will also consider longer repayment schedules for members who are facing extreme financial difficulty on a case-by-case basis.

Members will receive a letter indicating the status of their membership dues by the end of November. If you haven’t received a letter, we may not have your correct mailing address.

You can check your address here:

To request more information about your membership dues or to view the most frequently asked questions, please visit: