PSAC calls for national boycott of events during government-sponsored National Public Service Week

The federal government is organizing National Public Service Week from June 10 to June 16.

This celebration is being organized at the same time as thousands of our fellow members are being handed affected notices because of the government’s reckless austerity agenda.

Public services that Canadians hold dear, such as search and rescue, food inspection, timely access to EI and OAS payments, protection of our natural environment and cultural heritage, and public safety and security are being jeopardized by this government.

We all provide these services and many others because we care about the wellbeing and prosperity of Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

So this year, let’s organize our own events for National Public Service Week.

It’s time to show our employer that there is no celebration without the services and the people who provide them.

It’s up to us to remind Canadians what public services are all about.

As our friends and families across Canada face these cuts in their workplaces and communities, let’s send the government a message.

Instead of participating in employer events during Public Service Week, we should be organizing our own events. We will be boycotting the government’s activities.

Contact your local executive, your RVP or your PSAC regional office to find out how we are making our voices heard during National Public Service Week.