RCMP Civilian Members are full PSAC/USJE members

We have received a large number of inquiries regarding RCMP Civilian Members and their status. We want to ensure that the direction from National Office is clear and widely broadcasted.

  1. RCMP Civilian Members ARE PSAC/USJE members (they have been in a dues-exempt category under the PSAC Constitution – Section 4, Subsection (2) (f) – but are nonetheless members).
  2. They are entitled to Strike Pay under the same conditions as any other member. Yes, they need to sign a card to receive it.
  3. The same rules apply to Civilian Members as to any other members – essential letters are needed to cross the line, those without will be subject to Discipline under Article 25 of the PSAC Constitution.
  4. If Locals are paying top-up, RCMP Civilian Members should be included. CMs should also be invited to Local meetings where such issues are being discussed and voted upon. 
  5. Please make sure RCMP CMs are providing personal email addresses!  That will ensure they receive our communications going forward.
  6. These Collective Agreements that are currently being negoticiated will apply to them – subject to the MOU around certain provisions in their Terms & Conditions that we are negotiating transition provisions for (sick leave, vacation accrual, pension eligibility). They will get the same wage increases, access to the same premiums and protections as PSEs.
  7. If RCMP CM have specific questions/issues, they can email CM-Info-MC@psac-afpc.com