RCMP civilian members have voice in Treasury Board bargaining

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) civilian members will have their voices heard during the next round of negotiations with the Treasury Board of Canada, their future employer, once deemed into the federal public service in 2020.

The RCMP CM sub-committee will join the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s (PSAC) common issues table when bargaining resumes in the Fall. Common issues are proposals that encompass the needs of all federal public service workers, including the need for greater work-life balance, improvements to pay and leave, and other important gains for workers.

The RCMP civilian member (CM) bargaining sub-committee* members are:

  • Shelley McLeod, PA Group, Civilian Member from “E” Division
  • Bruce McStay, PA Group, Civilian Member from “F” Division
  • Jeromey Schroeder, TC Group, Civilian Member from “F” Division
  • Debbie Willems, TC Group, Civilian Member from “K” Division

PSAC came to the table fully ready to bargain in July, but Treasury Board wasn’t prepared to engage in meaningful negotiations. PSAC has urged Treasury Board to return to negotiations in the fall intent on negotiating a contract that reflects the dedication and commitment of RCMP CMs and all federal public service workers.

The union’s application to place CMs into PSAC bargaining units (Section 58 application) is still before the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Board, without a firm timeline for its resolution. In the meantime, having a seat at the common issues table is an opportunity for RCMP CMs to highlight the issues that impact them most before they formally join PSAC in 2020.

Treasury Board bargaining is a complex and important process which often involves months of negotiations before a collective agreement is reached. The input of RCMP civilian members at the common issues table will ensure their concerns are well-represented in bargaining.

* In compliance with PSAC regulations, the sub-committee was struck from the group of CMs who attended PSAC’s National Bargaining Conference in March 2018.