Reimbursement available to those who needed tax advice due to Phoenix

Current and former employees who encountered pay issues related to the Phoenix pay system and who required the assistance of an accountant or another qualified tax professional may seek a reimbursement for tax advisory services in relation to their 2016 or 2017 income taxes.

Who can submit a claim?

The Government of Canada indicates that it is acting to pay employees accurately and correct errors as quickly as possible.

To ensure that employees are treated fairly, and that they understand the tax implications caused by potential errors in their pay, the Government of Canada will reimburse expenses related to obtaining tax advice up to $200 (taxes included).

If you have consulted a tax expert, you are invited to submit a claim.

What you need to know before you request a refund

This process is designed to reimburse employees for income tax advice and services that may arise due to errors to their employment income from the Phoenix pay system. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions carefully to understand what costs are covered under this process.

Print and fill out the claim form. Attach a separate document to your claim if you need to provide additional explanations. Don’t forget to include the receipt from the supplier for tax advisory services.

Your department has identified a claims officer who can answer your questions, help you fill out the form and guide you through the reimbursement process. Your department will communicate to you how to send your completed claim.

Keep a copy for your records!

From information posted on the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat website