Update from Kathleen Roussel, George Dolhai and David Antonyshyn of PPSC on COVID-19

We are writing to provide you with a comprehensive update on the PPSC’s approach to the current COVID-19 situation.

The public health risk associated with COVID-19 remains low in Canada. However, it is important for all of us to take what steps we can to prevent transmission and protect each other. The health and well-being of all PPSC employees is our foremost priority.

We have instructed managers that all employees are to work from home, unless a physical presence is absolutely necessary. Managers are identifying the need for employees to report to work based on the local court contingency plan and on guidance received from the courts about what matters will proceed and what matters will be adjourned into the future. Managers are working out scheduling to minimize the number of people who need to report to work on any given day, and will communicate with employees locally.

All other employees should work from home if possible. If you are not able to work from home, you will be granted other leave with pay.


Effective immediately, all non-essential travel, both domestic and international, is cancelled until April 30. Given the Prime Minister’s announcement regarding limiting international travel, all travel outside Canada that is deemed essential must be approved by your Deputy DPP, Senior Director General or the DPP. If your travel is deemed essential, you should take all necessary steps to ensure your health and safety, including avoiding mass transit where other options exist, even if there is a difference in cost. 

If you are returning from travel outside Canada, either on business or for personal reasons, you must self-isolate for 14 days and telework if possible. Where telework is not an option due to the nature of your work you will be granted other leave with pay.


If you have been required by public health officials to self-isolate and you are otherwise in good health and able to work, discuss the option to telework with your manager. If that is not an option due to the nature of your work you will be granted other leave with pay.

If you are sick, regular sick leave provisions will apply. Please contact public health authorities, to allow other affected persons to be quickly screened and self-isolated, if necessary.

If you have children who cannot attend school or daycare due to a closure and alternate childcare arrangements are not available, discuss your options with your manager. Again, this includes the option of teleworking and if not possible other leave with pay. 

Mental Health:

Your physical and mental well-being is our main priority. If you or your loved ones are experiencing psychological distress, you can access the Employee Assistance Program or Healthy Workplace Services. 

Additional information from your Information Technology and Security Teams

Information Technology

To minimize pressure on the remote access systems, you will find below some best practices that we would encourage everyone to follow, while working from home: 

If you have a PPSC-issued smart phone, use this device for emails and social media interactions as much as possible instead of the remote access systems; 

Download your work products from shared drives or GC Docs and perform your work off-line as much as possible;

Connect briefly to upload work products and include them in emails, if required;

Disconnect as soon as you have finished your work on-line;

Use teleconferencing to facilitate meetings and limit use of videoconferencing to the greatest extent as possible.

The Information Technology team continues to offer its services to personnel through the Help Centre and a limited in-person presence at various locations. 

Security of Information

Security of our information remains a high priority for the PPSC as we manage through the COVID-19 situation. In order to facilitate working remotely at home, please follow the temporary instructions below effective immediately for the handling and transporting of Protected A and B information/assets: 

Protected A and B can be transported discreetly e.g. Briefcase, duffle bag, Backpack, etc.

Protected A and B should not be left out in the open, in plain sight at home. Documents should be stored away when not needed. 

Please use an abundance of caution when travelling on public transportation, while transporting Government of Canada information/assets. 

Important note for Protected C and Classified Information

Bringing Protected C and/or Classified material (Secret, Top secret) at home is strictly prohibited. 

Travel Security

As you are aware, the Government of Canada has issued a non-essential travel advisory. If you have planned travel, we highly recommend that you cancel and/or postponed your planned trip to a later date. If you absolutely need to travel, please contact PPSC Security and/or the Pandemic Response e-mail, in order for us to provide valuable and current information, as well as steps to take prior to your trip.

Up-to-date COVID-19 Information/Building Closures

PPSC Security will continue to monitor the COVID 19 situation, and provide up-to-date information for the organization as a whole. You may contact the employee information line at 1-844-946-7772, which will be updated regularly to ensure those who do not have access to the PPSC network via laptop or cell phone, receive updated information.