Update on the Administrative Support Positions Review (ASPR)

Recently, the ASPR National Working Group released the following Communiqué: 

The objective of the Administrative Support Positions Review (ASPR) is to review and update the roles and responsibilities of administrative support positions across the Force. We are pleased to confirm that the Review has been primarily completed across the Force, for both the Contract & Aboriginal Policing (CAP) & Federal Policing (FP) programs. There are, however, a small number of positions across the Divisions which have been set aside for further review, due to the unique nature of their duties. Employees, management and USGE will continue to be engaged for the review of these positions. A summary of the results of the Review from a national perspective will be released in January 2016.

Furthermore, the review of C Division as well as Major Case Management (MCM) positions has been postponed as follow:

C Division

Delays in the ASPR have been incurred in C Division due to the ongoing divisional re-structuring to align with the FP Re-engineered model. As work descriptions are dependent on the implementation of the final structure, the completion of the ASPR in C Division has been postponed until 31-MAR-2016. USGE has been advised and has been assured that no further delays are anticipated.

Major Case Management 

MCM positions across the divisions are being reviewed by the Major Case Management Program Centre at NHQ. A secondary review of the work descriptions is currently underway, after input from the USGE, to ensure that all functions have been accounted for; and as such, the completion deadline for the MCM positions has been postponed until 31-MAR-2016. For additional information, please contact Sgt. Greg Fedor, NCO I/C, Electronic Major Case Management Program Centre, NHQ.

The ASPR National Working Group will continue to liaise with C Division, the MCM Program Centre and USGE representatives to ensure that the completion deadlines are respected. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. Please visit the ASPR website as new information is being added as it becomes available.

Thank you. 

ASPR National Working Group
January 13, 2016