​USGE congratulates scholarship winner Erika Eastman

Earlier this summer, on June 6, 2017, former USGE Regional Vice President Nancy Burton and Local President Stacey Gauthier of Local 20156 Mountain Institution awarded Erika Eastman a $2,500.00 Paul Gascon scholarship on behalf of USGE. The award was presented at the morning briefing with many Local USGE members in attendance.

The Paul Gascon scholarship is for USGE members only. The scholarship is not restricted to first‐year students and the member may attend school on a part‐time or full‐time basis. The scholarship is open to any field of study and the member can be enrolled in any accredited education learning facility. No applicant will be awarded a scholarship more than once.

The committee assessed the applications based on the applicant’s response to the following prompt: “In your own words, please describe whether you believe that American Politics impact Canada’s economy.”

It was with great pleasure and pride that USGE was able to present this award to Erika Eastman as we congratulate her and wish her the best of luck in her future studies.